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eCommerce Readiness Assessment

Manufacturer eCommerce Readiness Assessment Offering

Our eCommerce Readiness Assessment is an extremely valuable tool
for all OEMs considering eCommerce.

The team at GenAlpha is focused specifically on the needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), which is how we’ve been able to develop a unique approach to the creation of a digital sales channel. Our assessment has been carefully designed to evaluate the seven most essential criteria for an OEM when seeking to successfully launch an eCommerce offering.

eCommerce Readiness Assessment

The Seven Assessment Criteria Being:

1. ERP and Integration Capabilities

2. Sales Management

3. Product Data Management

a. Part Number Categorization & Descriptions
b. Product Images, Videos, Information & Support Materials
c. Product Bill of Materials
d. 2D/3D Engineering & Technical Publications Data

4. Knowledge of eCommerce Audience (Customers/Dealers/Users)

5. Pricing Management

6. Inventory Management

7. Marketing & Business Analysis


eCommerce Readiness Assessment Scoring Methodology

The seven criteria are weighed on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is poor in all phases, and 10 being state of the art. The resulting score should be an accurate representation of an OEM’s preparedness of the evaluation criteria in relation to a digital sales channel.

It should be noted that there is no ‘ideal’ score to achieve, the readiness assessment is merely a method to define a manufacturer's level of preparedness.

Download this informational sheet by filing out the form below and begin reading about the specific criteria helping prepare manufacturers considering a digital transformation strategy.

Evaluating a Manufacturer's Readiness for an eCommerce Solution

Importance of Conducting an Assessment

The eCommerce website will become representative of the manufacturer, and its level of quality will reflect the manufacturer’s reputation. Without conducting an eCommerce readiness assessment, an OEM risks overlooking criteria within their business that are essential to the success of their eCommerce store.

The environment in which an eCommerce store is developed will ultimately determine its overall level of success; if a manufacturer fails to examine its infrastructure and address the areas of concern, they will see sub-optimal performance. Through the completion of an eCommerce readiness assessment, a manufacturer will understand the areas of their business model that must be addressed and adapted to fit this new demographic of buyers.


GenAlpha specializes in compiling eCommerce readiness assessments for manufacturers. Conducting discovery meetings allows our team to fully serve clients within the manufacturing industry by understanding an organization first hand. An eCommerce readiness assessment will provide a phased approach to preparing for eCommerce implementation.

Complete the form if you're interested in scheduling an eCommerce Readiness Assessment.

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