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A Fully Integrated B2B Commerce Platform

Dramatically improve the customer buying experience,
expand market reach, and boost operational efficiencies
with Equip360 - a powerful digital solution.

Trusted by Equipment Manufacturers & Aftermarket Organizations Around the World

Why Equip360?

Improve Buying Experience

Allow customers to effectively search for items, request quotes, submit orders, and review previous purchases.

Increase Product Sales

Expand your market presence by showcasing your entire parts catalog to scores of new online customers.

Get Actionable Insights

Gather valuable customer data to improve your offerings and fine tune pricing and inventory strategies.

Automation of Routine Processes

Free up employees’ time and improve efficiency by eliminating routine tasks

Improve Brand Loyalty

Continued support of customers increases satisfaction and drives more repeat purchases

Offer an Interactive and Intuitive Online Experience

Equip360 provides enhanced customer support through optimized digital tools. Start giving customers the buying experience they’re looking for and grow your sales.

Product Search

Boost your product sales through an easy-to-search, product eCatalog with 24/7 ordering availability.

Serial Number Search

Reduce order errors and allow customers to easily find what they need with serial number search.

2D and 3D Parts Display

Use your engineering data to create interactive 2D and 3D, image-driven, technical catalogs in real-time.

BOM Explosions

Allow customers to use bill of material (BOM) structures when shopping to identify the part they need to replace.

System Integrations

Seamlessly orchestrate integrations between Equip and your existing ERP or other business systems.

Website Analytics

Review data in an easy-to-use, real-time, dashboard format for clearer and faster decision making.

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