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Data-driven Insights to Empower Decision Making and Grow Sales

Equip360 Insights is an analytics platform that provides
increased business intelligence and automation. This
innovative tool increases revenues, customer loyalty,
and overall eCommerce performance. It does this by
turning real-time data into customizable reports that
allow for more efficient, well-informed decision making.

Equip360 Insights can easily be integrated with any
plug-in, making it a one-stop-shop for analyzing every
facet of an online business.

Aftermarket parts teams require data to make informed decisions that can
increase customer retention and grow brand loyalty. Equip them.

eCommerce Analytics Benefits

Real-Time & Historical Dashboard

Get on-the-go access to vital customer information over configurable date periods to last week to last month to custom date ranges.

Actionable Data

Transform factual data into usable, actionable information – data that allows you to making significant decisions – is a crucial business practice.

Maximize Revenue

Being able to adapt to information allows you to compete more effectively and, in turn, maximize both revenue and profit.

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