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Data-driven Insights to Empower Decision Making and Grow Sales

Use Data to Drive
Informed Decisions

Collect real-time data and turn it into
customized reports that allow for more
efficient and well-informed decision-making.
Use these insights to increase revenue,
customer loyalty, and overall digital sales

Create Customizable

Make data more digestible with customizable
dashboards that make it easy to track key
metrics such as revenue, average order value
(AOV), site visits, conversion rates, and more.
Dashboards are flexible and allow for quicker,
more informed decisions.

Keep Everyone Informed with
Real-time Reporting

Customized reports can be shared with team
members through email to keep everyone
informed on performance. These powerful
reports ensure your teams across the
organization have the insights to drive growth.

Customer Insights

Customer data is invaluable. It enables
you to take the appropriate steps to
optimize the customer journey. Equip360
Insights enables you to use many pre-built
customer segments, including refunders,
abandoned cart, high AOV, recently
purchased, big spenders, repeat customers,
never purchased, and many more to filter
data. You can use this eCommerce data to
roll out personalized email marketing
campaigns and improve your customers'

Product Insights

Similar to customers, Equip360 Insights
also allows for the segmentation of products.
Learn which products are hot, cold, most
abandoned, most profitable, and more.
Whether you have ten thousand product
numbers or one million, it's critical to
understand your product performance.
Advanced product reporting helps you set
smart pricing strategies, drive marketing
decisions, identify buying trends and grow
your business more profitably.

Marketing Performance

Whether it’s emails, social media, or
another type of advertising—make
sure ad spend is being used as
effectively as possible. Find out
which channels drive the most
conversions and better cater ad
spend to increase traffic and site
growth. Measure the effectiveness
of your marketing efforts and plan
profitable strategies with KPIs by
channel and campaign.

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