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eCommerce Analytics

Actionable data insights generating sales

PartSpot’s eCommerce Analytics allows you to track vital customer information such as search trends, part orders, quotes, locations and more. As soon as your implementation is live the eCommerce analytics module will be gathering data.

Our eCommerce analytics suite showcases your business key performance indicators in ways that allow action to be taken to improve your business results. Whether it’s correlating most searched with most purchased and identifying the potential gaps or ensuring sales demands will align to inventory availability, we provide the dashboard that provides actionable data insights.

Utilizing data to improve business practices from pricing to inventory to promotions will lead to more sales and increased profitability if done correctly. For guidance on what KPIs and metrics to evaluate read more about our Aftermarket Business Assessment.


eCommerce Analytics Benefits

Real-Time & Historical Dashboard

You get on-the-go access to vital customer information over configurable date periods to last week to last month to custom date ranges.

Actionable Data

Transform factual data into usable, actionable information – data that allows you to making significant decisions – is a crucial business practice.

Maximize Revenue

Being able to adapt to information allows you to compete more effectively and, in turn, maximize both revenue and profit.

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