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5_Benefits_of_Choosing_the_Right_eCommerce_Solution_for_Manufacturers22 MAY

5 Benefits of Choosing the Right eCommerce Solution for Manufacturers

by Derek Schroeder

The internet has seen the invention of various technologies and innovative solutions, and an ever-increasing number of web-savvy customers. This has created a great opportunity for both manufacturers and end-users of their products, the consumers. eCommerce for manufacturing, one of the many internet-based technologies, is redefining how end consumers access product information, compare and select the right products, make online purchases and even how they use the products and services.

The adoption of eCommerce solutions by manufacturers in the last 10 years has evolved from a basic transaction and communication platform that connects sellers and buyers to an integrated end-to-end platform that integrates all stakeholders in the chain. Manufacturers are driving this collaboration by looking to improve sales through product promotions. End-consumers, on the other hand, are looking for great personalized online experiences offered through eCommerce solutions.

Top 5 Advantages of Deploying Effective eCommerce for Manufacturers

Engaging and buyer-centric online experiences are the core of an effective eCommerce platform. In addition to accessing great business opportunities, manufacturers have so much to gain from eCommerce platforms for an enhanced competitive edge in the market. Here are the top five benefits:

  1. Enhanced Efficiencies – Manufacturers benefit from great efficiencies due to the integration of eCommerce platforms with back-end business systems like enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.This means that customers can conveniently make orders online and customer support can focus entirely on customer service roles instead of just taking orders. Keeping parts eCatalogs up-to-date is an integral part of the ordering process, which is also key to attaining enhanced efficiencies. This ensures that customers can easily find the right part at the right time. The need to enter data on different systems is also eliminated. As a result, manufacturers benefit from improved shipping processes, elimination of potential errors and increased order throughput.
  1. Scalability – Manufacturers can easily grow and scale their businesses to meet the ever-changing customer needs and market demands by reaching new market segments across the globe and opening new channels for sales, on a continual basis.
  1. Access to More Customers – Manufacturers can reach new B2B customers by featuring their product catalogs on public-facing B2B eCommerce website pages. This is a powerful way for the manufacturers to reach the new era of buyers that prefer and demand online shopping. OEMs can leverage the power of search engines as more B2B and B2C buyers use the internet to find the best equipment parts and prices; search engines like Google are ready to index the pages of your eCommerce platforms. To do this, you need to optimize your parts pages for search engines so that users making search queries relevant to the original equipment or parts you sell get your product catalog pages displayed on search results. Other than locating potential parts customers, your web pages can also be used to convert new visitors.
  1. Increased Brand Awareness – eCommerce solutions enable manufacturers to increase their brand awareness in the online marketplace. They create SEO optimized pages for search engine crawlers to index for future related searches. As a result, the likelihood of a manufacturer’s audience to know more about its brand through the eCommerce solution is increased.
  1. Increased Sales – Effective manufacture eCommerce solutions do not just allow manufacturers to reach a wide audience of potential customers, but also enables them to easily deploy an automated up-sell and cross-sell recommendation program. This offers clients visiting the website relevant suggestions, encouraging them to buy similar items with better functionality and attributes. This increases eCommerce sales will hit $12 trillion in 2020, a rise from $5.5 trillion in 2015.

By deploying an effective eCommerce solution, your manufacturing business will not just exploit these benefits, but also gain a competitive edge in your niche industry.

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