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Advice for Manufacturers

by Kris Harrington

Video Transcript

Curt Anderson:

When you’re dealing with that manufacturer, a little bit of resistance, maybe a little concerned about technology, or that transformation, what advice do you share for that manufacturer? Outside of all these benefits, what do you share to kind of get them into the game quickly? 

Kris Harrington:

I think the biggest message I can give is not to be shy, and say if you want to be relevant in the future you’ve got to take steps for this activity—that’s it. We were thinking about this at Bucyrus almost what is it 20 years ago now. We have a lot of manufacturers who haven’t even started yet and there’s a lot to learn here. Again, you might not think that your customers are ready yet, and there is a transition period, that is absolutely true, but there’s a lot for you as an organization to learn and to grow in stepping into this process.

So to get started use that 80/20 rule. Focus on the 20% of your parts, customers, products, whatever it is that makes up 80% of your business—start there. Crawl, walk, run, but you’ve got to do this to be relevant in the future.

Curt Anderson:

Future proof your business with GenAlpha.

Damon Pistulka:

There we go.

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