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14 OCT

How to Determine Your Ideal Customer Profile

by Thomas Maloney

Video Summary

Do you know who your ideal customer is? To achieve eCommerce success this should be one of the first things considered. Often companies serve complex industries with different types of buyers, and trying to appeal to everyone is impossible. Understanding who your favorite and most profitable customers are helps to determine a cohesive digital strategy. Emphasizing resources on these customers and understanding their pain points allows you to get the most value out of them.

A panel of experts discussed best practices for ICPs and how they differ in different industries. They also touched on what ICPs mean for PPC and SEO strategies and much more.

Featured Speakers:

Sam Gupta from ElevatIQ

Kris Harrington from GenAlpha Technologies

Damon Pistulka from Exit Your Way

Steve Rice from Dotcomjungle

Eric Landmann from Earthling Interactive

Dave Meyer from Bizzy Web

To speak with an expert that can help make sure you achieve eCommerce success, make sure to contact us and start maximizing your eCommerce potential today.

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