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28 JUL

Equip360 Bulk Upload Demo

by Kris Harrington

Video Transcript

Hi everyone Kris Harrington here.

We know that your customers and specifically purchasers who work for your customers are very busy people and this video is designed to help you imagine how by using Equip as your eCommerce platform you can make it easy for purchasers to upload a large quantity of line items to get price and availability by using our bulk upload feature. So I’m going to go ahead and show you how we do that.

You will notice that I’m logged in so I have an account currently which does help to ensure that I get my contract pricing and when I place orders I get an ERP response under my account number. So what I would do as a purchaser is I go to the quick order screen and you’ll notice this bulk upload parts and when I click on that I can download the template for the bulk upload so it’s going to download and I’m gonna open the excel file and this is really our excel template so you’ll notice that when we open it it’s empty and really all we need from a purchaser is a part number quantity and then the organization in which they’re buying under and we do this in case there are multiple brands like they’re placing orders for potentially across multiple near ERP systems so if a purchaser has a file and maybe it’s their own purchase order that they’re able to export from their system and they can pick up the part numbers and the quantities that they’re looking for all they would need to do is copy and paste those into our template.

So by doing that and then select the organization that they’re buying from. So I’m going to select the organization and now I’m gonna save this, I’ll just save it to my desktop here as our test upload and once I save I’m gonna go ahead and go back to the eCommerce site and from here I can browse, go to my desktop, and find the file. So from here there’s my test bulk upload you’ll notice that it’s loaded I’m gonna go ahead and upload and there’s a message that pops up saying my my upload is complete from here I can go into the shopping cart and you’ll notice that the six items I had and I did do the quantity in ascending order. So you could kind of see that from the bulk order template it’s loading the parts into my shopping cart the exact way that I loaded them so it’s very easy for me.

I can even remove pictures and use the table view to just validate that these are the parts that I have on order these are the quantities from here I can see the stock that’s available, I can see my price, and I’m also being a trigger to look at potentially some other items that I might be interested in adding to my cart as well so there’s some suggestive selling but from here I can move to the checkout process. So very quickly and easily a purchaser could go from their PO system enter their own PO export that PO then come to Equip in through our bulk upload feature quickly load the items that were in their PO this makes it fast and easy for buyers they’re not having to administrative click through lots of part numbers to get price and availability. 

Hope you found this information helpful if you do have any questions with anything you saw please contact us we’d love to hear from you or visit us on our LinkedIn page. Have a great day.

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