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21 JUL

Equip360 Order Tracking Demo

by Kris Harrington

Video Transcript

Hi everyone Kris Harrington here from GenAlpha.

How often do customers make routine calls to your customer service team to check the status of an order? This video will demonstrate how easy it would be for your customers to get shipment and tracking information if you are using our Equip eCommerce solution.

The first thing I want you to notice is that in the upper right hand corner I am logged in with my specific account details. Now this is important because it ensures that everything I see on the site is related to me and my business. Now customers will go to our purchase history tab and by loading the purchase history tab you’re going to get information here related to all orders that have been made online by phone, fax, email, or EDI. So by going to our search your history you’ll notice I have several pages of orders, quotes, and invoices here. By simply putting in a purchase order number it’s going to reduce my results to the exact match of the PO that I’m looking for and by looking at this order you can see that it is completed so the status of the order is complete.

I’m going to go ahead and click on the order number, when clicking on the order number it’s going to bring up all the details related to this order so you can see that there’s one line item on this order and that it has shipped. So if I click over to the shipment tab and click on my shipment number I’m going to get the tracking information for this particular order. So by clicking on that it’s going to link me over to the UPS site and here on the UPS site you can see that this package has been delivered it was delivered on 3/27 at 1:32 p.m.

So very quick and easily I have access to the tracking information pertaining to that order. Now if I go back I can also search by other purchase orders. So if I click on another purchase order I’m gonna see that this particular order is still open. By clicking on the order number I’m gonna get the actual order estimated ship date. So you’ll see that my estimated ship date for this order is 3/30/20 So by just a few clicks I’ve been able to very quickly self-service and answer questions related to my shipment needs.

I hope you found this information helpful for additional information about Equip please visit us online at or feel free to reach out directly on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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