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11 AUG

Equip360 Search by Description Demo

by Kris Harrington

Video Transcript

Hello everyone. Kris Harrington here from GenAlpha Technologies.

We know your customers are exceptionally busy. What if they could come to your eStore and with a product description find everything they need related to that item? Today’s video is designed to demonstrate how with very little information like a product description customers can access all information they may need about that part.

So if you go to the global search bar at the top of the page here and I start typing a description like bearing. You’ll notice that it’s going to search across your product database to return results for the match, anything that matches bearing. You’ll see that we have some bearing images that pop up but I can also click on shop all bearings.

From here it’s going to return a results page for all the products that had bearing in the description. Now if I know that this particular bearing exists in the mold height adjustment section of my machine I can further refine my search by using that facet to get to the exact bearing that I’m looking for. From here I have access to price, I have availability, and I can add that item to my shopping cart.

Hope you found this video helpful. If you would like additional information on our Equip solution please visit us at

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