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14 JUL

Equip360 Search by Serial Number Demo

by Kris Harrington


Video Transcript

Hi everyone, Kris Harrington here. Today in this video I’m going to show you how your customers could get to the right product that they’re looking for by searching on their serial number.

Maybe they don’t know the exact SKU for the product that they need, but they do know the serial number of the unit where they have a particular change out or maybe the unit is down and something needs to be repaired. Here’s what they would do inside our Equip solution: they would start by typing the thing that they know and that happens to be the serial number in this case.

So we’re gonna go ahead and start typing in the serial number and you’re gonna notice that as I begin typing it’s searching across our database for everything that matches the characters that I’m entering. And as I continue to type I’m getting closer to the exact match of the serial number that I own. I have a Z280 product, this is my serial number. I’m gonna go ahead and view product. Now what’s going to happen here is it’s going to open to the bill of material for the exact unit that I own.

This is an injection molding machine and I know that I need a bracket, some ancillary parts, a couple screws, and some washers related to that bracket. It’s in my ejector unit so on the left hand side here we have all of the assemblies that make up this particular product. I’m going to go into this ejector unit and you’re gonna see we have a 2D display or 2D illustration of the parts that make up this assembly. I know that the bracket that I need happens to be right here so as I click on the components it’s hot spotting in the illustration and taking me to the exact items that I need. By clicking on the shopping cart I can quickly call the ERP to get pricing and availability and add that item to my cart.

Now one thing nice about the GenAlpha Equip solution is not only do we allow you to display hot spotted 2D drawings but we also do 3D hot-spotted illustrations as well. As I click on this 3D you can see that your customers can then interact with a 3D model of the assembly related to their piece of equipment and I happen to know that this is the bracket that I’m looking for. Again it’s hot spotting that bracket again I can add that item to my cart. I know I need one of those as I go in closer you can see that here are the screws that I need. I actually need two of those so I’m gonna add two of those to my shopping cart and the washers are right there as well so I’ll go ahead and click on the washer. I’m going to add two of those washers to my cart. 

This is what I was looking for and very quickly and easily with a visual, I can identify the products that I need. Now going into my shopping cart it’s going to show me that I put one bracket, two screws, and two washers in. I’ve got my total value here I can see my availability of those parts. From here I can securely check out knowing safely that I’m buying the right parts for the machine that I own.

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