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21 APR

Guest Coupon Access Feature Included in GenAlpha’s Equip 2020.2 Release

by Kris Harrington

GenAlpha furthers their development of eCommerce and eCatalog solution, Equip. The introduction of additional features and functionality will further optimize both the user and customer experience. The option for users to provide guest access to coupons is now available, which will allow Equip users to expand their customer base through marketing and incentivize order placements. This is an especially useful feature for Equip users looking to introduce new buyers to their eCommerce stores. Based upon customer feedback, the functionality has been a useful addition to the user experience of Equip.

New Features

    1. Guest Coupon Access: Users now have the option to implement coupons for guest access. If utilized, guests entering checkout will have the ability to add relevant coupons to their orders within the checkout process. This functionality should allow for Equip users to grow their customer base by introducing new buyers to the benefits of their eCommerce store. Users who are already utilizing this feature have noted a positive buyer reception.
    2. Link Featured Product: This functionality allows users to enhance up-selling and cross-selling abilities by referencing relevant website content. Aided by their use of Equip’s analytics functionality, users can target specific pages that match the specific criteria of featured parts and best sellers. This is accomplished by assigning site specific URLs to ‘Featured Products’ or ‘Best Sellers’ within the administrator portal. URLs can be assigned to allow ‘Best Sellers’ or ‘Featured Products’ to point to specific parts, categories, and product pages within the eCommerce site.
    3. Multiple Media Types: Admin users are now able to upload multiple media types for product pages, giving them the ability to provide customers with additional information to aid their purchasing decisions. Images and videos will be displayed in the order they are uploaded and can be rearranged within the ‘add parts’ page. Admin users can view image previews within the ‘add parts’ page and organize layout before updating the product page.
    4. Updated Login Page: Updated login page functionality allows users to quickly enter the eCommerce site without the hassle of entering their login information each time. Users will now be able to ‘remember’ their login credentials upon logging in. This feature allows users to bypass the login page when entering the site―credentials will be stored for 365 days without the need to login. The addition of this feature will expedite a user’s path to purchase, and provide a fast and efficient shopping experience.

Equip Solution Releases and Development Sprints

The infrastructure and functionality of Equip is continuously evolving through GenAlpha’s development process, which consists of five solution releases planned in 2020—each made up of three individual development sprints. Industry leading equipment manufacturers understand the fundamental need to adapt to complex issues, but GenAlpha’s customers don’t just understand the need to adapt—they react. Industry driven improvements allow Equip to power eCommerce for manufacturers around the world to actively respond to their customers complex needs.

About GenAlpha Technologies:

GenAlpha Technologies was originally founded to simplify the parts ordering process for large complex manufacturing organizations. From that need came Equip, a fully integrated parts and equipment eCommerce, eCatalog, and customer portal solution specifically for manufacturers looking to digitize their sales efforts. Today 30+ manufacturing brands utilize Equip to manage their aftermarket equipment business online. Visit the GenAlpha website at for more details on the company and their offerings.

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