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How Better Planning eCommerce Budget can Grow Your Business

by Thomas Maloney

Video Summary

Getting into eCommerce is no longer just an option. Customers now expect a digital purchasing experience. So planning out the eCommerce process is critical for long-term success. One of the areas that has to be focused on is budgeting. There are different costs that go into eCommerce implementation, and if they’re not all considered it can lead to problems down the line.

A panel of experts gave their thoughts on the best ways to plan an eCommerce budget and everything that has to be considered during that process.

Featured Speakers:

Sam Gupta from ElevatIQ

Kris Harrington from GenAlpha Technologies

Damon Pistulka from Exit Your Way

Steve Rice from Dotcomjungle

Erin Courtenay from Earthling Interactive

To speak with an expert that can help make sure you achieve eCommerce success, make sure to contact us and start maximizing your eCommerce potential today.

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