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08 MAR

International Women’s Day 2021

by Miranda Drewitz

In celebration, here at GenAlpha we asked the inspiring women on our team one question: “What advice would you give women entering the workforce?” Listen, read, share, feel inspired. Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

Video Transcript

Adriana Jordan:
Account Manager

My advice is for you to take responsibility for your own career path. Don’t assume the leaders of your organization know where you want to go next. So take some time to think about your goals, and objectives, and communicate that to your manager. You never know when the opportunity may come up.

Ashleigh Smith:
Office Administrator

My advice for women would be to always keep learning. I find that the most rewarding things can come from challenging yourself, or from stepping out of your comfort zone. So keep learning, keep sharing ideas, and definitely empower other women around you to do the same.

Miranda Drewitz:
Graphic Design & Marketing Specialist

My advice would be to once in a while just reach out to your boss and your coworkers, and let them know the things you’ve been working on. A lot of times they might not know everything that you’re doing, and this is a great way to get talking about the value that you bring to a company, and it’s also a great way to get the recognition that you very much deserve.

Katelynn Hosni:
Account Manager

My advice is be confident in your ability to learn a new skillset. Just because it’s not something you currently know how to do, doesn’t mean it’s not something that you won’t be really good at. Everybody had to learn that skillet at one point, so be confident in your ability to learn that skill and excel.

Kathleen Shea:
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

My advice would be to not settle in to the habit of only doing things you know, or are good at. But instead, volunteer for a project that will require you to learn something new and might also afford you the opportunity to work with some coworkers that you might not normally interact with.

Annabel Briquet:
Product Owner

My advice to you would be to avoid those big glamorous change. Instead look for those small incremental continuous improvement. It will provide you with a better adoption within your organization, install a culture of change, and go longer. So go small, go long.

Kris Harrington:
President & Chief Operating Officer (COO)

My advice is be a problem solver. Have the confidence that you’ve been brought into an organization because you have the skillet and the talent to do the job. As leaders we’re looking for individuals who not just can identify what’s going wrong, or identify where there may be areas of opportunity, but we want you to also bring your ideas, and bring your solutions. So — be a problem solver.

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