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Leveraging Technology

by Kris Harrington

Video Transcript

Damon Pistulka:

I see this solution, this kind of solution in an OEM situation is so powerful because you can have it for your service center kind of tech people so they could see maybe more of the data or something. But your end-user, the equipment owner, could even utilize this to buy direct if that’s what they wanted to do to further increase their sales opportunities and make it even if they didn’t buy it would make it easier for them to search and understand your product and feel that you’re really helping them support their equipment better.

Kris Harrington:

Absolutely. Absolutely that’s exactly right Damon and that’s what we shoot for. Replacing those static manuals that I showed you earlier that have hundreds of pages with sticky notes and making this real-time because you know that parts obsolescence, that supersession, that replacement, once you have an eCatalog that’s integrated into an ERP system, and there’s a process connected back to engineering to manage all of the engineering change notices and make sure that information gets into the catalog. Well, now your customers have a safe place to identify the exact parts that they need for the exact equipment that they own. 

Many of these manufacturers that we work with, yes there’s a commonality across a serial number, VIN number, or models, but typically there’s a portion of the content that is unique. It’s unique to the options that that operator selected when they bought that piece of equipment. By giving them their own catalog they are actually diving into that information and seeing the exact part that they need and not having to wait through phone calls and other things to get that information.

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