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17 DEC

Tales of Manufacturing Supply Chain Woes

by Thomas Maloney

Webinar Summary

No manufacturers have been immune to the recent supply chain disruptions that have plagued the industry. That’s why a show was created to touch on these disruptions and provide strategies to overcome them. Once a month, manufacturing experts will share their stories about their supply chain nightmares and give personal examples of how they handled them.

Learn about the broader state of the manufacturing supply chain, along with any current events. In addition, there will be best practices and some tips to help deal with whatever comes next.

This month’s show covered a wide range of manufacturing and supply chain topics. What role will automation play in the future of manufacturing? And what efforts can be taken to move a linear supply chain to a circular one? Discover the answers to those questions and a whole lot more.

The show is hosted by Sarah Scudder from SourceDay.

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