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10 MAR

Updated Global Search Functionality Included in GenAlpha’s Equip 2020.1 Release

by Kris Harrington

GenAlpha continues their development of B2B eCommerce and eCatalog solution, Equip. Additional features have been established to deliver a richer user and customer experience. The updated global search functionality now enables its users to provide the ability to view search suggestions sorted by category, creating a fast and effective user experience. Based upon initial customer feedback, the functionality has been well received by customers and users of Equip.

New Features

Updated Global Search

Customers will now be able to view suggestions sorted by category as they type. This allows customers a faster method to find what they are looking for and is accomplished through the addition of visual aids and structured suggestions sorted by category.

Categories and Facets

A “View More” tab has been added to category facets and is now displayed below the top three facets. Individual facets can be sorted by their attributes, if attributes are numeric, they can also be sorted numerically. This functionality reduces screen clutter significantly for the customer and allows for an enhanced user experience. The administrator now can arrange the order of facets by use of the “sort” tab. By clicking “Sort,” a table becomes visible with a list of available facets that are displayed in the order by which they appear on the main site.


Upselling links can now be switched to redirect to a specific category of items or specific items. An administrator can create links in the “Upselling Module,” which will be displayed on the cart and item details page. If there are more than five links created, users will be shown arrows on the right and left which allows them to scroll to view more. The featured product category now has an additional filter that allows customers to sort products by “Most Popular.”

User Types

Allowing users to offer their products to a larger demographic of customers, administrators now have the option to enable or disable the use of guest accounts. The “Account Type” option will display the first field as “Name” when checking out if set to “OFF.” If set to “ON” the first field will be displayed as, “Account Type.” 


The ability for users to view and save credit cards has also been implemented. This is beneficial for customers who wish to view or verify credit card information, and for those that have multiple credit cards. The ability to add and update a user’s credit card reference has been added. In the users account details, they can view their saved credit card, which currently partially references the credit card number. This functionality allows customers with multiple credit cards the flexibility to customize their payment experience.


For users that wish to ship items to a new address without being required to manually enter the address each additional order, the option to “Save Address” is now available. An email will be sent to the administrator when a new address has been saved, which is then added to the users account in ERP.

Order History

Customer order history now includes additional functionality by allowing users to view relevant order information such as shipping and billing addresses, order comments (if applicable), payment methods, etc.) This enhancement is especially useful for customers that need to reference specific details from past orders.

Equip Solution Releases and Development Sprints

The infrastructure and functionality of Equip is continuously evolving through GenAlpha’s development process, which consists of five solution releases planned in 2020—each made up of three individual development sprints.

Industry leading equipment manufacturers understand the fundamental need to adapt to complex issues, but GenAlpha’s customers don’t just understand the need to adapt—they react. Industry driven improvements allow Equip to power eCommerce for manufacturers around the world that actively respond to their customers complex needs.

About GenAlpha Technologies:

GenAlpha Technologies was originally founded to simplify the parts ordering process for large complex manufacturing organizations. From that need came, Equip, a fully integrated parts and equipment eCommerce, eCatalog, and customer portal solution specifically for manufacturers looking to digitize their sales efforts. Today 30+ manufacturing brands utilize Equip to manage their aftermarket equipment business online. Visit the GenAlpha website at for more details on the company and their offerings.

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