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28 APR

Using eCommerce to Improve the Customer Experience

by Kris Harrington

Video Transcript

Kris Harrington:

There are these routine customer questions that come to every call center, or the technical service department, and I think anybody on the call who’s in manufacturing you can relate to these because this is what they’re calling for. What product do I need? What does it look like? How many do I need? What does it cost me? Does that include tax and freight? How fast can I get it? What does it weigh? You’ve heard all these before, and then after they’ve ordered their product then they want to know have they shipped? When will they ship if they haven’t? What’s my tracking information? Can I get a copy of my invoice? Can I pay my invoice? Can you re-quote me something that I ordered several years ago? 

These are the questions that will bog down a customer service area, and prevent you from getting into that detailed analysis that can help your business grow. At the end of the day though this is really important to your B2B customer. I think I mentioned it earlier, but all customers want from a manufacturer is for you to make their job easier. That’s all they’re looking for all the time. So if you can continue to remember how do I make it easy for my customers to do their job? They can go easily and answer these questions for themselves online. You’re starting to already facilitate that faster speed and transparency of information so that they don’t have to call your call center.

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