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01 FEB

Women in ERP: Overcoming Objections and Switching ERP Systems

by Thomas Maloney

Show Summary

Women in ERP is a monthly show hosted by Kris Harrington and Sarah Scudder that highlights different women in the ERP industry, their stories, and much more. The goal of the show is to bring more representation to women in the ERP industry, along with having a fun and engaging conversation along the way.

February’s show featured some outstanding women, and they discussed a wide range of ERP topics. They touched on what to do if you acquire a company that has a different ERP and if you should merge the two or stay on separate systems. They also talked about everything that happens after implementation is completed and much more.

To view other shows and register for upcoming ones, you can head to the monthly event page.

Featured Speakers:

Sarah Scudder from SourceDay

Melissa Drew from IBM

Jennifer Mesiano from Singular Consulting Services

Lisa Anderson from LMA Consulting Group

Renata Pataki from Gitential

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