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Equip360 Dealer Portal

Increase Dealer Loyalty, Streamline Business, and Grow Sales

Online parts and equipment sales continue growing as buyers look for digital options. But manufacturers can be hesitant to have an open eCommerce site that allows anyone to view their products and prices. That’s why GenAlpha offers the Equip360 Dealer Portal. It was built specifically for manufacturers and aftermarket organizations and the unique challenges they face.

Equip360 3D diagram
Manufacturing employee looking at Equip360 in factory

The advantages of a dealer portal aren’t exclusive to your dealers. You’ll be able to learn more about your customers through more data on their purchasing behavior and activity. And the more you know about the dealers, the easier it will be to cater a digital experience specifically for them. Whether it’s promotions, special pricing, or suggested items at checkout, a dealer portal will help you increase sales.

Digital purchasing will only increase, so it’s time to Equip your dealers with a powerful digital tool that exceeds their expectations and keeps them coming back.

Benefits of Equip360 Dealer Portal:


Provides a self-service option

Ensures greater order accuracy

Saves time for both dealers and your internal team

Increases insights into customer behavior

Allows easy access to dealer specific pricing

Give real-time updates on order status and shipping

Allows dealers to easily configure parts and equipment

Discover how Equip360’s Dealer Portal solution can work for your business.

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