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The Heavy Duty Parts Report Episode 61: eCommerce and the Heavy-Duty Parts Industry

Learn everything you need to know to get started with eCommerce from an industry expert.

Episode 61: Kris Harrington is the President of GenAlpha. In this episode, we discuss the future of the trucking industry, reasons why the trucking industry has been slow in adopting e-commerce, and the role that e-commerce will eventually play.

Show Notes

Question 1: Why has the trucking industry been so slow to adopt e-commerce?

First, manufacturers in the trucking industry are significantly tied to distribution, and second, the industry thought it had more time to figure this out and make these changes.

Question 2: What is the main driving force behind parts distributors and manufacturers rolling out e-commerce sites in 2020 and beyond?

They know that they need to do this to keep up with our advancing society, and to continue to sell parts.

Question 3: What problems do heavy-duty parts companies have to overcome when adding an e-commerce solution?

The biggest problem is getting past the “Dealer-Dilemma”. User-friendly data is also a difficult bridge for many companies to cross.

Question 4: How accurate is the statement: “The heavy-duty parts company that figures out how to empower repair technicians to identify the parts they need and purchase the parts with a one-click mobile app AND have those parts delivered within 2-hours in urban centers and next day in rural areas will win the e-commerce battle in heavy-duty parts.”

The future of technical support is digital and will be accomplished from a handheld device, with the fulfillment of their orders taking place.

Question 5: When building an e-commerce solution, how important is cross-reference information and technical data about the parts?

It is crucial. Without proper cross-referencing or technical data, individuals would have a very difficult time ordering parts, especially if you are an average joe. Ease of access is key to being successful.

Question 6: Will e-commerce solutions and direct to consumer online distributors replace traditional distribution in the 2020s?

It will not be entirely replaced, but rather it will work together as complements of each other. E-commerce may become the majority, but if you want the physical distribution, or if you want to be “hands-on” with the products, the traditional way will still play its role.

Question 7: What is the one thing you want to leave our audience to think about?

The digital era is coming, and it is here. If you want to stay relevant, you’re going to have to have a digital strategy.

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