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The Rise of eCommerce and the Impact on Parts Sales Webinar

eCommerce is more important than ever.

Manufacturers who can function digitally—in addition to traditional sales channels—will win. What does this mean for your parts business?

Manufacturers need to consider many questions when adopting eCommerce. When are parts purchasers utilizing eCommerce? Who is the online buyer, and how do millennials differ from baby boomers or Gen Xers? What channels do parts buyers go to and for what types of products?

In This Webinar, You'll Learn:

  • Highlights of MacKay & Company’s eCommerce Parts Purchasing Study
  • Expected buyer trends requiring your attention
  • Impact on both the manufacturer and buyer, driven by COVID-19
  • The buyers expected online shopping experience

Preview Webinar Transcript & Slides

Most B2B Operating Universe & Aftermarket - Slide 5

John Blodgett: There's such a proliferation of parts now and manufacturers that resource has gone away and by now see it's not a very good resource because Bob gets sick that resource is gone. So having good cross references to see what part numbers interface with other part numbers is key.

John Blodgett: Being able to see pictures of the product so that you can make sure that what you're buying is what you want. Again understanding is that part that widget do you have it on the shelf can I get it tomorrow, I don't care if you're next door you don't have it it doesn't matter, and anything that assists in the help of that finding that product so descriptions, and catalog interfaces, searching the part numbers by VIN that's a little bit more difficult than just that statement there, but the more that can be provided there's more fleets like that.

Online Channels - Slide 7

John Blodgett: This is the website attributes that folks found important and some of this is the same as the parts, but I want to be able to see where that part is and I won't have to call somebody. They don't want to have to know and I want to wait for a call to say hey it's gonna be two days late they can just check it online and see where it is just like you're buying you know something through Amazon and checking UPS.

John Blodgett: I don't have to go through my homework to get that done that's important and technical information on the products and the ability to have set pre-orders set ups is important based on that on this question, and then the more value added below that you can add I think that just helps you know technical chats and videos help with installation.

Digital Natives will Dominate - Slide 17

Kris Harrington: In this B2B buyer report respondents were asked do you prefer accessing the following information online or offline and you know these numbers are high, products and parts information - 67% respondents prefer this information online.  Inventory availability - 65% prefer to find it online. Delivery details - 63% Pay invoices, payment terms, returns, pricing, and quotes - all of these are above 50%.  Buyer preferences have shifted online.

Adoption of a Remote Workforce - Slide 19

Kris Harrington: The first thing I recommend for all part sellers is to identify your path forward. It's possible some of you listening today already have an eCommerce site and you may need to make some enhancements. Others may know it is time to re-platform to get up to date with the latest technology, features, and the integrations that are available and then still others on the call may need to make the decision to launch an eCommerce site for the first time.

Identify Your Path Forward - Slide 23

Kris Harrington: It's important to keep learning.  Attending webinars like the one you are doing today with John and I hopefully provide you with good information to take into your organizations to get the ball rolling.  There are many other resources out there, in fact, Brian Beck who's a leader in the eCommerce industry just published a book titled Billion Dollar B2B eCommerce Seize the Opportunity, and I have to tell you this book is filled with great information.

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