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The world of manufacturing is changing quickly. Traditional models of business alone are no longer enough to support customers. To stay competitive, manufacturers need to consider new options and strategies to ensure long-term success.


Podcasts We've Been Featured On

Heavy-duty parts sellers have more data available to them than ever before. Properly utilizing that data can transform the customer buying journey and increase sales. Listen >>

Kris Harrington, president and COO of GenAlpha Technologies, is a city girl transplanted to a
small farm. She's used to mastering unfamiliar territory, so it is fitting that this former financial
analyst is now helping B2B OEM manufacturers figure out how to modernize their practices
to sell online.
Listen >>

Learn about how manufacturers and dealers should be leveraging eCommerce and analytics to
grow their business.
Listen >>

What is the value of eCommerce and where does it fit in a manufacturer’s mix in terms of how
it’s going to go to the market? Listen >>

What’s driving the rollout of eCommerce sites, how we can create an eCommerce site
successfully, and how to overcome some fears of doing so. Listen >>

Learn about the reasons why the trucking industry has been slow in adopting eCommerce, and
the role that e-commerce will eventually play. Listen >>

Webinar Recordings

When you enter into eCommerce, it becomes a new sales channel for your company. eCommerce
is a journey, and it has no end. Watch >>

Manufacturers Have Come Together to Meet the Increased Demand for Personal Protective
Equipment (PPE) as a Result of COVID-19. Watch >>

Once used by only a handful of equipment manufacturers, eCommerce is quickly becoming the
standard for almost all research and purchases. Watch >>

We are quickly finding out that manufacturers who can function digitally in addition to traditional
sales channels, will win. Watch >>

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