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HDPR Webinar: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed with eCommerce

When You Are Starting eCommerce, You Will Find Yourself On A Journey

When you enter into eCommerce, it becomes a new sales channel for your company. eCommerce becomes a journey that you're on, and there is no single milestone event that is going to mark the end of eCommerce for you. With this, you understand that it impacts many aspects of your business as a selling channel, and it needs to rise in importance in your business just like any other selling channel does. The more you learn it and iteratively make improvements, the more successful you're going to be.

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5 Steps to Success

Kris Harrington: There are customers and there are the owners of the website. Now customers come to a website for information―they want the information fast, they want it to be accurate, and they want to find it easily. In fact, the easier you can make their job, the better. Ultimately, the customer wants productivity and I talk about this all the time in heavy duty parts. We want our customers to keep cost per mile low and they want to keep their trucks running.

Step 1: Identify The Customer Journey

Kris Harrington: you know all customer journeys should start with the customer, and in this step we want to define who are your customers we know that in businesses particularly in parts of course the end user the the owner of a piece of equipment or that person who's maintaining a piece of equipment that needs the parts to keep that truck running. There's certainly one customer but, we have internal customers as well. You know we have internal customer service people that should hopefully be using our site. We have internal service technicians that should be using the site to identify parts. So what I'm going to do because I'm more of a visual person, is I'm going to switch over to our demo environment and I'm going to talk about just you know visually the way that people think.

Demo Environment

Kris Harrington: You need to start thinking about the way customers would come to your site. So you know if I'm a customer at heavy duty parts, if I'm lucky I might just know the exact part number that I'm looking for, right. So in this top search area I would type that exact part number that i'm looking for and get to the product details and you know product details oftentimes are going to be your price, your availability, the location of that availability, any product detailed information, specifications, any documents, perhaps there's other products I should be considering looking at, but when a customer knows the exact part number, typically that's a very easy problem for us to solve, but you know some people all they're gonna know when they come to your site is perhaps a truck serial number.

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