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Preparing for B2B Buyer Behavior in the Post COVID-19 World Webinar

The Coronavirus Pandemic Forced B2B Buyers All Over The Globe to Turn to the Web as Their Primary Product Research and Transactional Channel.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a substantial amount of pain and chaos. But like any disruption, it has also opened the door for many new opportunities. Of all these, perhaps the most exciting is the permanent elevation of B2B eCommerce.

Once used by only a handful of equipment manufacturers, eCommerce is quickly becoming the standard for almost all research and purchases. Those manufacturers who can adapt quickly will reap tremendous benefits—both now and in the future.

Our informative webinar “The New Digital Imperative: Preparing for B2B Buyer Behavior in the Post-COVID World” will help you understand the opportunities ahead and what your company needs to take full advantage. The presentation will address such questions as:

  • What will the B2B eCommerce industry look like after COVID-19?
  • What impact will this pandemic have on buyer behaviors?
  • What makes for an optimal eCommerce experience?
Preparing for B2B Buyer Behavior in the Post COVID-19 World Webinar

Preview Webinar Transcript & Slides

Most B2B Companies are not ready for this... - Slide 6

Brian Beck: Most B2B companies though still are not ready for this. B2B companies are 10 to 15 years behind their retail peers and again 50% don't have an eCommerce site. What's amazing is that only six out of 300 manufacturers generate more than 10% of their sales from eCommerce.

Brian Beck: Again COVID-19 we believe is an acceleration story and those who are ready for this in the B2B category are seeing significant growth and increases in their interactions.

Laying Out the Options - Slide 14

Brian Beck: You'll find that there's multiple options and paths to begin accelerating your transformation if you're early in your process. The first thing to do is to understand that buyer behavior, that new B2B buyer, their behavior and journey, and this is what's called a journey map. Really these points under B2B buyer behaviors and journey. Where you start by learning, then they discover and make a decision on your product, they then purchase, you deliver the product, and then there's some loyalty and advocacy which follows that, and you want to understand at every point in the purchase process how they're interacting and what they need at each point.

Pre COVID-19 B2B Buyer - Slide 20

Kris Harrington: When I worked with buyers they would have hundreds of requisitions a day that they would have to fill across multiple vendors. In this COVID-19 space they begin to find that customer service reps and technicians are at home with limited access to the tools they usually use to support buyers. Distribution centers are forced to close until determined essential or when they can offer a safe place for employees to operate. So supply chains that normally run like clockwork for a buyer are now disrupted, and the buyer is forced in many cases remotely to search alternative ways to purchase and the first place they go is online.

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