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We give manufacturing, distributor and aftermarket organizations the tools they need to succeed digitally. We do this with an exceptional customer facing solution and combine it with our years of manufacturing experience. Having worked in original equipment manufacturing (OEM) organizations ourselves, we understand the unique challenges the industry faces. We’re able to find what works best for every individual customer and we work hand-in-hand with them throughout the process. With each storefront, the GenAlpha team becomes an extension of our customer organizations, caring passionately about their success.

The goal at GenAlpha is for every organization we work with to reach their highest digital potential. To achieve that, we provide a comprehensive solution that drives online profits, provides an exceptional customer experience, and boosts efficiency. There is massive online potential for OEMs—let us help you maximize it.

We are GenAlpha

Stan Eames


Kris Harrington

President & COO

Kevin Heisler

CFO & Director of Business Development

Kathleen Shea


Annabel Briquet

VP of Customer Success & Product

Jim Vogel

VP of Customer Engagement

Dave Campbell

Senior Account Executive

Jonathan Hudgins

Senior Account Executive

Tony Sitterly

Lead Implementation Engineer

Adriana Jordan

Customer Success Manager

Katelynn Hosni

Customer Success Manager

Ashleigh Smith

Office Administrator

Thomas Maloney

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Trade Shows, Talks, and Team

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