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eCommerce Growth Strategies

for Manufacturers Webinar

September 22nd at 1 PM ET

Because of the exploding eCommerce market, manufacturers have never felt a greater sense of urgency to create a strong digital presence than they do right now. That’s why we’re holding a webinar to discuss how to implement a highly effective eCommerce strategy and digitally transform your business.

Key topics that will be covered:

  • Capturing 1st page rankings on Google
  • Creating effective landing pages that convert into RFQ’s and sales
  • Targeting customers with Google Ads and Google shopping
  • Taking advantage of online marketplaces including Amazon and Alibaba
  • Explore a step by step eCommerce success story with Falconer Electronics
  • And much more

Also included will be a free eCommerce checklist that walks manufacturers through steps to take that ensure they’ll be ready to begin their eCommerce journey.

Join experts from GenAlpha and Ecommerce MGMT, and discover how a cohesive digital strategy can transform your business and drive growth.

Join us on September 22nd at 1 PM ET and learn how with the right eCommerce plan can boost sales, increase efficiencies, and grow your business.

Presented by Curt Anderson

Founding teammate at

Founded eCommerce company in 1995 that was ranked 3X on the Internet Retailer Magazine Top 1000 eCommerce companies. He then sold his company and spent 4 years at the New York Small Business Development Center (SBDC) as a Business Advisor on eCommerce, Internet Marketing, and Social Media Strategies. He’s also written a best-selling book titled "Stop Being the Best Kept Secret: Manufacturing eCommerce Strategies."

Damon Pistulka

Founding teammate at

He’s spent his career helping businesses build enterprise value, as a technical manager, an executive, and then as a consultant specializing in turnaround and improvement for businesses owned by professional investors. He helped them create hundreds of millions of dollars in value by helping companies run better and dominate markets.

Jeffry Graham

Founding teammate at

He started and sold his first tech-based company in 2011. Then he went on to start a consulting firm helping companies scale sales at unrelenting paces. After that, he became a private equity CEO and helped clients generate over $1B+ in sales growth specialized in eCommerce. He has a passion for growing dynamic eCommerce companies and helping businesses and individuals win online.

Kris Harrington

President and COO for GenAlpha Technologies

During her time with OEMs in the mining industry, Kris and the other founders of GenAlpha saw a need to find a better way for B2B manufacturers to do business. This led to the development of an eCommerce solution for manufacturers and distributors who want to grow their business online. For more than 10 years, the experienced team at GenAlpha Technologies has been helping equipment manufacturers repurpose their bills of materials, 2D and 3D engineering data to make it easier for customers to safely identify and purchase parts.

Discover how a cohesive digital strategy can transform

your business and drive growth.

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