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Parts Distributor Solutions

The Right Solutions for Wholesale Distributors from eCommerce, eCatalogs, & More

We know as you know, wholesale eCommerce is an extremely competitive business.

GenAlpha has created Equip to address the challenges eCommerce wholesale distributors face in the distribution industry, from selling multiple product lines from multiple brands to allowing users to identify product by bill of material. Not only do you need a great software solution to compete but our experience in the industrial aftermarket sector can provide your team insights on pricing optimization, inventory management, customer service and more.

for Wholesale Distributors

  • Dramatically improve the customer buying experience
  • Improve supply chain visibility and drive operational efficiencies to new levels
  • Broaden brand awareness and promotions to help drive new equipment sales
  • Get on-the-go access to vital customer information such as search trends, locations, orders, and more
  • Transform factual data into usable, actionable information, maximizing revenue and profit
  • Create real-time, 2D & 3D interactive, image-driven technical catalogs
  • Updated engineering data can be populated in real-time
  • Additional information such as training and maintenance videos, guides and product announcements can be included

You Need eCommerce, Now What?

If you are grappling with this question, you are not alone. We’ve met successful manufacturers, distributors, and dealers over the years who have been exactly where you are when making the transition to eCommerce.

You have made the most important first decision, which is recognizing the change in buying behavior and the need for business transformation.

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