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Return Material Authorization (RMA)
Tracking For Manufacturers

Improve Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction

“Managing product returns is easy”
...said no manufacturer, ever.

Returns can be costly and time-consuming for manufacturers and aftermarket organizations.

When handled poorly they can damage customer relationships or lead to expensive inventory gains.

If you’re looking for a returns management solution, we can help. GenAlpha offers a RMA solution that, in combination with Equip360’s eCommerce or Warranty, will improve support to customers trying to process valid product returns.


Increased customer satisfaction through an optimized returns experience

Eliminates inefficiencies and delays from outdated business processes

Reduces costs associated with managing and processing returns

Increases control and visibility of the returns process for insights and analysis

Retains current customers and encourages new ones

Discover how Equip360’s RMA solution
can work for your business.

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